Transition Care Management

Transitional Care Management around Sacramento, California

Transitional Care Management allows Medicare patients to receive medical care oversight and support during the transition from an inpatient setting, such as a hospital or skilled nursing facility, to their home setting.

Patients who receive Transitional care management services have an 86% lower risk of readmission. Did you know that?

Being discharged from an inpatient setting, such as a hospital, is a critical time frame for patients with moderate or high-complexity medical issues. If proper transition and quality of care are not provided during this period, the chances of readmission increase. Close care gaps for patients and lower readmission rates are the objectives of transitional care management (TCM).

Our team serves patients and their caregivers during this transitional period by communicating new or existing medical concerns, educating them on effective self-management, and facilitating access to additional care such as home health or community services. Throughout the process, we keep our primary goal: no gaps in proper medical care for any patient.

Transitional care management will improve your care and reduce your chances of being readmitted. It is rewarding for the patient and the primary care physician to assist with a smooth transition from a hospital, nursing facility, or other qualifying healthcare setting. IRIS health care will give you the feeling of being in a transitional care clinic, even though all services are delivered to your door. Choosing Transitional care management becomes simple when you consider the health benefits for patients.