Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Services in Sacramento, California

Remote Patient Monitoring is a Medicare-covered service that is designed to help you monitor and manage your health from the comfort of your own home. It also keeps your healthcare provider informed, in real-time. Remote Patient Monitoring services are frequently used to help patients that require chronic, post-discharge or senior care. By connecting high-risk patients to remote monitoring, healthcare organizations can be notified of potential health issues or keep track of patient data between visits.

Iris Health provides cellular monitoring equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, and digital scales that you as a patient, uses remotely, in your home. The RPM equipment will collect data and automatically relay your healthcare information to the Iris Health Control Center platform.

Vital signs, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate are typical physiological data gathered through the Remote Patient Monitoring program. Once collected, patient data is transmitted to a physician’s office via an electronic device. After reviewing your information one of our medical professionals will order the appropriate equipment to be delivered to your home. Once it arrives you can start monitoring it right away.

Remote patient monitoring services have a high level of patient engagement when it comes to managing and comprehending their medical conditions. Patients can receive more pertinent patient data in order to improve their overall quality and value-based care. Remote patient monitoring services seem to be a practical tool for patients who require ongoing care.