Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management Services

Chronic Care Management provides oversight of the care of Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions expected to last for at least 12 months.

Our practitioners at IRIS can establish, monitor, and maintain care plans for those who would greatly benefit from continuous care. This ongoing relationship with our patients and their caregivers ensures that there is support to reach an individual’s health goals. It also provides access to health information and necessary primary and preventive care.

Our chronic disease management includes health coaching, medication reviews and overviews, remote vital monitoring, and care coordination between practitioners to enhance your health and quality of life.

If you agree to get this service, your provider will prepare a care plan for you or your caregiver, help you with medication management, provide 24/7 access for urgent care needs, review your medicines and how you take them, and help you with other chronic care needs.

Our chronic care management services at IRIS include a comprehensive care plan that includes a list of your health problems and goals, medications, community services you have and need, and other health-related information. Furthermore, it outlines the type of care you require and how it will be arranged. With IRIS, you can have a healthy and peaceful life without having constant worries about your health.