Advanced wound care

Advanced Wound Care Treatment in Sacramento, California

IRIS Health Care dedicates every day to treating and caring for patients with chronic wounds that are difficult to heal. Our trained wound care physicians treat a wide range of chronic wounds through their expertise in wound care treatment.

Wound care treatment is far more significant and common than most people realize. The effect on people and their loved ones is astounding because an untreated wound can result in a lower quality of life and even the need for amputation of the affected limb. Amputation occurs in about 30% of cases of untreated chronic wounds. Did you know that?

Our team understands the obstacles some face with transportation to a wound clinic which is why we bring it to you at home. Using advanced wound healing care products coupled with an individualized care plan.

We offer a variety of treatment options for difficult or non-healing wounds. Your treatment plan is designed to get you on track to manage and heal your wounds. Our wound care service at home allows us to treat your wounds effectively from the comfort of your own home.